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#Pakistan goes innovative in environmental #Awareness Campaign. #Plantation across #Pakistan is under focus on a priority. The importance of #Planting #Trees has to be understood by all. #Trees are an important element of Life. Our streets, parks, playgrounds and backyards are lined with #trees that create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing #environment. Trees increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings. We gather under the cool shade they provide during outdoor activities with family and friends. Many neighborhoods are also the home of very old trees that serve as historic landmarks and a great source of town pride. Using #trees in cities to deflect the sunlight reduces the heat island effect caused by pavement and commercial buildings. Trees contribute to the environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “One acre of #forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of #oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people.” Trees, shrubs and turf also filter air by removing dust and absorbing other pollutants Trees control climate by moderating the effects of the sun, rain and wind. Today the world is facing #EnvironmentalProblems. #GlobalWarming,#OzoneDepletion and #Pollution. Solution to these problems lies in #planting more trees. In fact, forests are the only natural industry which produces oxygen. According to international standards, area under forests should form at least 25 per cent of the total land inhabited by a human population. Realizing this need of time the team of #3dIlluminations portrayed this message in a very unique style. You usually see people cutting trees, making paper out of them and then writing “Save Trees” over it which is purely sarcastic! #3dIlluminations did something different! This time it was not a building or wall as their #3dProjection #Canvas. This time it was #trees and the #nature. CEO #3DIllumination, Mr Umer Toor said that the importance of #PlantingTrees should be conveyed to each person and the way we are doing its unique so it will be effective. The concept behind the #projection #mapped #Tree display was to bring Life to Trees. Every one shall play a role to create awareness regarding the significance of #green life around us. 3D Illumination being the pioneer and industry leader in visual solutions and projection mapping in Pakistan initiated the campaign to convert Trees as canvas. This is the very first #TreeProjectionMapping in Pakistan. This act was to support the ongoing campaign of #BillionTreeTsunami, #GreenPakistan, #PlantTrees , #CleanGreenPakistan . We feel it our responsibility to serve Pakistan to the extent we can. We believe that our efforts will count when our country rises. Long live Pakistan! #Projectionmapping #Videomapping #Treemapping #Treeprojection #Treemappingprojection #Projectionmappingtree #Plantprojection #Plantation #Environment

Pink Ribbon | Breast Cancer Awarness | Projection Mapping | FFC

Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd is a flag bearer of Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan, engaged in multifaceted social welfare approach. All CSR programs are operational under Sona Welfare Foundation, envisioned as an interface between corporate enterprise and underprivileged communities. #FFC stands out as one of the biggest conglomerates and corporate donor in Pakistan, with an estimated 1% of profit allocated to social welfare activities under its foundation. The company is a prestigious member of UN Global Compact and an active participant in pursuing the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs 2030. FFC takes pride in spearheading the vision of standing out as an exemplary entity when it comes to responsible and sustainable welfare practices. October is celebrated globally as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer in Asia. 1 out of every 8 women in Pakistan is at high risk of breast cancer resulting in death of about 90,000 women annually. Prevalence of this cancer is the highest among all the cancers in the Country i.e 38.5%. Fortunately, breast cancer can be detected and cured at an early stage. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on prevention rather than cure as with early diagnosis the survival rate increases to more than 90%. Empowered women of today are the only way for a better future. 3D Illumination stands as pioneer and industry leader in Pakistan for executing the impactful campaigns through building projections. 3d illumination has proved to be an impactful tool in communicating the message to the general public at all platforms and especially on social media. FFC went with building projection mapping to put the word out in the most attention grabbing way. The video of an event can be found at

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Let’s Entertain Each Other with Love & Patience. A Message of Statue of Liberty Reminded at new Year Eve 2020 in Pakistan. Pakistan decided to illuminate Statue of Liberty on new years eve 2020 for specific reason. The design is definitely worth the praise however the motive behind illuminating the Statue of liberty was deeper than that. It was to gain the attention of the people towards statue of liberty and the message it holds. Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of independence and assurance of human rights. The monument’s significance is very much known to the world. “The experience of the old is not a motor: it is only a lamppost, warning against dangers; the light that illuminates the long path ahead is you, the youth, who are holding its torch; it is you who are to illuminate the future and its obscurities.”—Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, July 30, 1898 Year 2020, world needs to sit together again and work out on the message given by iconic monument. It is time for the world leader to illuminate the path by implementing the rules and laws in the benefit of the coming generations. Changed times do need changed rules. 305 Feet high & heavier than two hundred tons statue was inaugurated in late October 1886. With a stern, almost severe face staring straight ahead, and her right arm outstretched to lift a burning torch, the figure of a robed woman is not only about its physical presence. The message behind the existence of statue is far way more significant. As Statue of Liberty was named, Liberté éclairant le monde: Liberty Enlightening the World. Team with Umer Toor designed 3D illumination and used Projection Mapping to illuminate the replica of Statue of liberty to gain the attention of the world towards the message given by the monument at the beginning of the Year 2020. The statue is more like an oath. The oath by which all humans shall be treated well. The statue was regarded as a symbol of struggle for rights, for equality and for dignity by the people who contributed financially or morally. The statue is indeed an iconic structure which seem to be talking to rich and poor, established and marginal, men and women, all at the same time. People across the globe look up to the statue as universally accepted monument as it does not hold any flag or national symbol. It does not feature any of the iconic symbols of American patriotism, such as the flag or the bald eagle. The monument is a symbol of the rule of law, of order and establishment. 3D Illumination reminded the reveal of Statue from the old times in which a rope was pulled and the statue was revealed though the reminder used the latest technology of 3D Projection Mapping. Statue of Liberty became an icon of the struggle for national independence into a symbol of the struggle for human rights. Year 2020 shall be the time when all shall start working towards the betterment of the people to make the world a happier place to live. A message of bridging the differences, looking after the needs of others, being gentle and liberty to live as per will of religion, creed or cast was re-emphasized in one of the most unique way in Pakistan at year 2020. Statue of Liberty Replica is placed in Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 3D Illumination work was executed by Umer Toor, the pioneer and industry leader in projection mapping in Pakistan. This is important to work towards peace especially when world is witnessing the extreme tension between #Iran #America . This may require extra ordinary effort to resolve matters between America + Iran. The message of liberty shall be remembered where ever humans are going through sufferings. #Kashmir looks out to the rest of the world for support. #Syeria, #Palestine, #India and other troubled humans are looking up to the leaders of the nations to have the liberty to live in #Peace. This effort is solely to remind the message given by #Statue of #Liberty.